Onions and rings: Reliving Siena’s MAAC three-peat

Excerpt from One-Bid Wonders:

The Fran McCaffery era at Siena began in a dorm room in April 2005. Four grown men living in a dorm room, sustaining themselves on a diet of basketball, basketball and basketball. McCaffery and his assistants had inherited a roster in disarray, so they couldn’t waste time ticking off the checklist most people would assemble after relocating — you know, like finding and moving into a house.

“We had to figure out, okay, who’s staying, who’s leaving, who’s eligible, what pieces do we have, what pieces do we need,” McCaffery said.

Five springs later, McCaffery guided Siena to its third straight NCAA tournament appearance. No MAAC team had won three consecutive league titles since La Salle (1988-1990). Four different programs have won the four MAAC tournaments since Siena’s last championship in 2010.

McCaffery built something special in Loudonville. How?

The Trevon and Trevin Woods story

Excerpt from One-Bid Wonders:

Most parents name their newborns. Harold and Karen Woods are not most parents — at least they weren’t in 1994.

Karen bore identical twin boys that December, and the family’s firstborn, Kayla, pinpointed a pair of names for her younger brothers.

“We were choosing between Trevor, Trevin, Trevon, Trevod,” Harold says, his Bahamian accent seeping through the phone. “She just said, ‘Why don’t you call them Trevin, Trevon?’”

“She came up with the name, and our parents were just like, ‘Okay,’” Trevon (pronounced treh-VAHN) says, shrugging his shoulders.

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