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Cashman prepared to wheel and deal in San Diego

Excerpt from Newsday:

STAMFORD, Conn. — Brian Cashman dressed as an elf, rappelled down a building and stole Santa’s bag of toys back from the Grinch Sunday night at the Heights and Lights Christmas event.

He had his cellphone in his pocket the whole time.

“I made a lot of deals on the practice rappel [Friday], so I guess people are waiting for me to make deals today,” Cashman said, still in costume before leaving for San Diego for baseball’s winter meetings. “I’m trying. I had to have my phone with me. See?”

Brian Cashman says Yankees will ‘consider all avenues’

Excerpt from Newsday:

STAMFORD, Conn. – A friend brought Brian Cashman a present concealed in a cardboard box early Friday morning, and the Yankees GM jokingly asked if a shortstop was inside.

A few hours later, the Yankees announced a three-team dealthat yielded them Arizona’s Didi Gregorius.

Cashman was practicing for Sunday’s Heights and Lights Christmas event, where he will be rappelling down the side of the Landmark Building. He did not bring up Gregorius but did say he was not sure if the Yanks would make a big free-agent signing, even though, “Toronto and Boston have made some big moves.”

2014 Hall of Fame Tipoff: How Binghamton got into the field

Excerpt from Pipe Dream:

Notre Dame and Providence view the Binghamton men’s basketball team as a cash cow.

The two schools assembled a $90,000 guarantee package to entice BU to visit during the campus rounds of the 2014 Hall of Fame Tipoff. The Bearcats, who will open their season at Notre Dame on Nov. 14 before playing at Providence on Nov. 17, receive the money directly from the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

According to Athletics Director Patrick Elliott, high-major programs are willing to pay a guaranteed sum of money to their guests because revenue generated from ticket sales, concessions, parking and, in some cases, television, will far outweigh the cost of hosting an opponent.

Men’s basketball finding groove at the right time

Excerpt from Pipe Dream: 

The Binghamton men’s basketball team gutted out a 72-70 win at UMBC on Saturday night, fending off a valiant 18-point comeback with just enough poise and execution to survive down the stretch.

Just three weeks ago, the pressure — both of the late-game situation and that applied by UMBC’s defense — might have overwhelmed Binghamton (7-20, 4-10 America East).

Dempsey to AE coaches: “I hope people realize how good Jordan Reed is right now”

Excerpt from Pipe Dream:

The relationship between Tommy Dempsey and Jordan Reed has waxed and waned this year, but on Sunday, the head coach sent a message loud and clear to the America East.

“Let’s be honest, there’s not a guy in the league that is a better player than Jordan Reed right now,” Dempsey said after the Binghamton men’s basketball team’s 92-82 loss to Vermont. “What he’s been able to do late in this season and how we’ve been able to grow as a team through his growth as a player, nobody is playing better.”

In the middle of January, Dempsey would not have uttered even a backhanded compliment to his star player and the conference’s top rebounder. Reed’s energy and preparation levels did not meet Dempsey’s standards in Binghamton’s Jan. 15 loss at Stony Brook, and the second-year coach suspended the second-year player for one game as a consequence.

Cimino drills women’s basketball team in practice

Excerpt from Pipe Dream:

The West Gym’s hoops are raised, and the only basketballs in sight lie dormant on the sideline.

The only audible noises are desperate gasps for air and sneakers screeching as they pivot on hardwood. And then, of course, the beeps.

Members of the Binghamton women’s basketball team are running from the baseline to halfcourt and halfcourt to the baseline, racing the beeps blipping on Linda Cimino’s iPhone. Back-and-forth they go as they try to beat the beeps, pinging in decreasing increments.

One loss results in a warning. A second results in elimination.

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