Masiello can still be a role model at Manhattan College

Excerpt from Pipe Dream:

Whatever the case may be, an important question arises: How much value should a college degree hold on a college basketball coach’s resume? Schools hire coaches who have graduated from college because they want their student-athletes to emulate their coaches and graduate as well. Schools want their coaches to serve not only as instructors of their sport, but also as role models to their students.

But the pending accusations notwithstanding, Masiello has served as an impeccable role model for his players. He has demanded professionalism from college students, requiring, among other things, his Jaspers to sit in the front two rows of class and to never wear sweats. He has connected with these kids. That much is made clear by watching a Manhattan game.

America East men’s basketball tournament change the right move

Excerpt from Pipe Dream:

Can you really blame the coaches for proposing the format change and the league administrators for approving it? In this day and age, money frequently influences decisions, and with the change, America East teams should all benefit financially.

In addition to splitting revenue from tournament appearances and victories, the league’s top four seeds will likely sell out their venues, where ESPN will also set up its cameras. A televised quarterfinal sellout also displays a better image than a No. 3 vs. No. 6 matchup in front of 1,839, the attendance figure for last year’s opening session of No. 2 Vermont vs. No. 7 New Hampshire and No. 3 Hartford vs. No. 6 UMBC.

“That makes the league look small,” Binghamton head coach Tommy Dempsey said.

Men’s basketball can’t keep losing winnable games

Excerpt from Pipe Dream:

No one on the Binghamton men’s basketball team would consider Wednesday night’s loss to UMBC acceptable.

Losing to preseason favorite Vermont, a veteran team that had hit its stride, was reconcilable. But falling at home to a UMBC squad (7-14, 3-5 America East) that hadn’t won on the road can be chalked up as a missed opportunity.

Reed’s growth as efficient player key for men’s basketball

Excerpt from Pipe Dream:

Jordan Reed ambled into the Carrier Dome’s press room Saturday night, sucking the juice out of an orange slice — an ironic gesture, given the Orange of Syracuse had just chewed up the Binghamton men’s basketball team.

Syracuse’s length overmatched the Bearcats, who turned the ball over 18 times and shot 38 percent from the floor in the 93-65 loss. But without Reed’s stellar individual performance, the final score could have been far more lopsided.

Men’s basketball doesn’t need perfection, it needs growth

Excerpt from Pipe Dream:

Tommy Dempsey sat at the center of the elevated press conference table and refused to sugarcoat his team’s narrow escape of Division II Bloomsburg on Saturday.

“You don’t go 3-27 and then come back with the perfect team,” he said. “It just doesn’t happen that way.”

He’s right.

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